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Author Archives: Matt Leech

Why lie?

There's no greater incentive to lie than the threat of punishment for telling the truth. — Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson) September 7, 2015

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Windows 10 for Phones – Insider Programme

Windows 10 Insider Preview is about to be released for phones. The 1020 (my phone) is one of the two that will get the first rollout, but I’m in two minds whether to install it as it’s not even a beta yet and my 1020 is my main phone. Anyway, one of the people at … Continue reading »

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Tesco Delivery Saver – 50% OFF!

If you’re thinking about signing up to Tesco’s Delivery Saver scheme then you can benefit by using the codes below to get 50% off any 12-month plan. Bear in mind that the codes will work only once each so it’s first-come first-served. Go to, select either the 12-month Midweek or Anytime plan, enter one … Continue reading »

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Aetherius-ness explained

Have beings from other planets guided our religions? How does Mark Bennett keep a straight face?

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Are retailers selling my personal information?

Having a personal domain and web/email server means that I can quickly and easily create ??? email addresses. I use this feature whenever a retailer asks for my email address by creating one that is exclusive to that retailer. E.g. If I receive a spam/phishing email I can identify the To: address and block … Continue reading »

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Hope Springs Eternal

My daughter has set up her own blog and posted a posted a few articles. There are posts about Loom Bands, Hunger Games, summer holiday activities, and a couple of photo galleries. Please visit, browse her site, and feel free to leave some positive messages of encouragement for her to keep up the good work. … Continue reading »

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