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Windows 10 for Phones – Insider Programme

Windows 10 Insider Preview is about to be released for phones. The 1020 (my phone) is one of the two that will get the first rollout, but I’m in two minds whether to install it as it’s not even a beta yet and my 1020 is my main phone. Anyway, one of the people at … Continue reading »

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Are retailers selling my personal information?

Having a personal domain and web/email server means that I can quickly and easily create ??? email addresses. I use this feature whenever a retailer asks for my email address by creating one that is exclusive to that retailer. E.g. If I receive a spam/phishing email I can identify the To: address and block … Continue reading »

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I’m cold but I smell burning

My office/apartment has Economy 7 storage heaters. Every morning I walk into the lounge and it’s toasty but this morning it was cooler than usual. A short time later I realised that I’d caught the faint smell of burning; no, not burning, more like a spent match. I did not relate the two events. This … Continue reading »

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Real-world bionics

Would you trade your legs and/arms for better ones? I would. No doubt the rest of our organs will follow too.

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GeoCaching with the Leechy Gang!

Having discovered GeoCaching recently we’ve become fans after just one, quite successful, outing. After a quick sign-up and app download (CacheMe for Nokia phones) off we went to our nearest GeoCache. We homed in on the specified co-ordinates and checked the hints and pictures. After five minutes poking bushes we spotted the cache! The … Continue reading »

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Nokia concept phones

What do you think of these concept phones from Nokia? Coincidentally I was chatting recently about the potential style or future phones and I pictures a smooth-bevelled all-glass bracelet which is a merge of the concepts here. This would be my favourite if it didn’t have such a large plastic base. Nokia concept phone: Glass … Continue reading »

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