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Puppy Dispute

Posted by on April 18, 2014

It’s late, so I’m going to save myself some time and paste in my Small Claims case description. The defendant’s name has been removed to protect the guilty.

On 24th March my wife and I purchased a puppy from Mrs Smith for £550. The following week we called Mrs Smith to explain how my wife had been suffering with asthma since having the puppy in the house. Mrs Smith agreed to take the puppy back. Later that day Mrs Smith called us to say that she would only refund £400. Reluctantly we agreed and then returned the puppy on 6th April. While handing over the puppy Mrs Smith said that she would now only refund £300 because she couldn’t afford any more. Knowing that I could not take the puppy home due to my wife’s asthma I said that I would wait until she could pay the full amount. On 14th April Mrs Smith texted to say she would now only refund £200. I refused and then she offered £250. On 17th April I gave Mrs Smith the choice of refunding £400 as originally agreed or I would pursue the purchase amount of £550 through Small Claims. She replied ‘Ok take it to court’. I asked for her surname so that I could begin the claim but she did not reply. I found her details on facebook.

This is Bertie